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The Broker of Brokers understands and applies Metalanguage to all our dealings.
What does this mean..
It means that every approach begins with a greater level of analysis and preparation to work without fear of restrictions or boundaries.
These became the blueprint for the founder Richard Spivack as he set new standards in client relationships in his chosen fields of the stock market and commercial/investment property transactions.
This mindset resonated in his brands boss bishop, Fluer Couture and The Broker of Brokers .
Asked to appear on TV and raise money and perform in a British movie Trick or Treat his art of communication was demonstrated resulting in creating opportunities for others.
Back in his days as a legendary broker in one of his references by Dr Michael Green it was noted that he was the key motivating factor to the growth of the many companies that he became the top producer broker in.
Writing his book The Definition of Greatness boss bishop, led him to New York City to perform one man shows.
Now in his role as the trademarked The Broker of Brokers(and Broker of Brokers) his responsibility is to build his asset base and assist others on their journeys.
This is achieved with strategic partnerships in a number of fields.
Ambassador role for HIP a new way to invest in property which will change the landscape forever of not just one industry but many others.
You see everything in life is connected but the agenda of the world is to separate and therefore segregate growth and opportunity.
The Broker of Brokers is developing a community of like minded thinkers that believe that the survival and ultimate evolvement of the world will take place when our principles of connection with individual merit are fully embraced.
We reside in many spheres of influence such as the personal asset accumulation of property assets .
This is achieved through our funding partners.
Our passions are many and include luxury watches with a certified Bond Street partner to buy any leading brand and acquire special pieces in timepieces and rare stones.
Our method of engagement is achieved through coffee power meetings in The Beaumont or The Bulgari 5 star Hotels.
If held in New York City we will meet you in Upper East Side at The Mark or St Regis 5 star Hotels.
Even if we can’t do business we would like to think that our audience gets empowered by our work on social media.
If you wish to take that engagement a step further to become an investor or a client feel free to emailĀ
The more powerful you are in wealth and greatness the more you give to the world.
The Broker of Brokers

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